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Mapping of Traditional Knowledge and Skills

Kala Sampada stands as a vanguard in pioneering endeavors, dedicated to documenting the unmatched legacy of traditional craftsmanship within South Asia. Our tireless pursuits have led us to meticulously survey and document a range of intricate techniques preserved within the remaining traditional families of India and Nepal. These include:

  • The timeless art of Traditional Mercury-Amalgam Gilding technique

  • The ancient secrets of Traditional Swordsmithing techniques

  • The vibrant expressions of Traditional Meenakari (enamelling) techniques

  • The meticulous skill of Traditional Koftgari (Inlay work) technique

  • The ornate and historic decorative techniques applied to arms and armor

  • Exploring the time-honored art of Traditional Sword Polishing techniques

Through these endeavours, we aim to preserve, celebrate, and pass down these invaluable skills for generations to come.

rubbing with agate stone_edited.jpg
sword polishing_edited_edited.jpg
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